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Test Review

BRO product photography test images are ready for review.  We shot 1 product group (LENS) on three different backgrounds - White, Neutral Gray, and Black. Each shot was captured with no lighting or color effects to establish a baseline. This baseline photo establishes sharpness, resolution, layout, and tonal range.  From the base image, additional lighting effects were added and incrementally increased to yield 4 additional versions of each. Some light/color effects were enhanced in post and are not part of the original capture.


The uncolored images named “1” are the most accurate representation of the products.  They are perfectly clear, clean, and unaltered (no lighting effects). Beyond this initial test, we will be able to provide a wider variety of colors for future group shots. IF the colored images are selected, we will include as much variety as possible in each group to prevent the collection from looking stale or repetitive.


From a product photographer’s point of view, we prefer the uncolored images.  From a creative professional "artistic license" perspective, we like the colored versions, although the extremely enhanced versions seem to be a little too far in our opinion. Perhaps the middle of the spectrum, where the clear perfection of the lens is still apparent and the addition of accent color is somewhat softened, makes the image a little more interesting.


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