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In the highly competitive staffing industry, differentiation is difficult. As a start-up, it's even more challenging to carve out a niche and grow market share to a sustainable level.

In 2016, Percussion associates began working with Evolution's key stakeholders, establishing momentum and deliverables for a company launch in early 2017. From vetting CRM software companies, through company brand look and feel, to tactical execution, Percussion delivered an actionable go-to-market strategy.


Currently serving as the Outsource Marketing Partner, Percussion delivers growth on both the Applicant and Client side through video content development, ongoing Social Media Campaign Management, Blog Support, SEO and Keyword Recommendations, Marketing Automation and Job Board postings across dozens of job sites.


In just 6 short months, EvolutionHR began taking advantage of its vision for helping people maximize their value in the marketplace, and plans to open 3 new regional offices in the near future.

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